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Hop Engineering LTD. that is now part of Shony Group was established in 1994 and is one of the leading Israeli companies in water improvement technologies, as a result of hard work and a constant striving for improvement.

Hop Engineering LTD. manufactures the PTH - Water Improver to control limescale and rust formations in hot and cold water systems, for domestic, industrial and agricultural uses. The company exports the PTH Water Improver to approximately 40countries worldwide, and participates in international exhibitions and professional seminars in Israel and abroad.

We at Hop Engineering LTD are committed to give all of our customers and distributors around the world an officiant, advanced & environmental friendly PTH water improver devices which are suitable to their water systems needs. Furthermore, we are dedicated to provide comprehensive and professional service.



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Address: Bazelet 3, Zur Igaal/Kochav Yair, Israel

Tel: (+972) -3-5185942
Fax: (+972) -3-7575408

Email: hop@hop-pth.com   Web: www.hop-pth.com