Operating principle of the Water Improvement Devices


Our P.T.F. and P.T.L. device are combinations of micronic disk cartridge and P.T.H. When water flows through the P.T.H., weak electric fields are produced by electric potential difference between the unique alloy core and the metallic cylinder.

These field and the venturic effects stemming from the unique configuration of the core prevent the adhesion and cohesion of the waterborne mineral particles (mainly carbonic salts, calcium and magnesium).


The P.T.H. Water Improvement device as the name suggests, a "water improver" but not a softener or a filter.

The P.T.H. Water Improver is made of two parts, a cylinder made from stainless steel and an inner core made from an alloy of noble and semi-noble metals. The P.T.H. device is installed on your water line immediatly after the water-meter, and is connected to the earth grounding.






These electro and hydrodynamic forces separate the molecules (especially aluminum and silica) which bind mineral particles. Thus the mineral particles flow through the water system without being precipitated and with no interference.

The P.T.H. Water Improver core alloy is nonferrous, highly resistant to rusting and corrosion, non toxic and ecologically safe.



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