Domestic Uses



Reducing 1mm of scale = 10% saving energy/money.


The Water Improver prevents the formation of limescale and rust and gradually dissolves initial formations in piping, boilers, solar panels, quick water heating with gas or electricity, washing machines, dish washers,coffee machines etc…


By using the P.T.H. Water Improver we will ensure:

  • The prevention of clogged pipes and taps = Higher water pressure and supply level.
  • Reduction of limescale of boilers = Higher temperature. of water.
  • Greater efficiency of solar energy system.
  • Saving money, electricity, gas and maintenance time. 


Oil & Gas


PTH Water Improver prevents limescale damage and sediment in the pumping equipment and pipes during the oil extraction process. The PTH device can be installed at the bottom of the well (down hall) before the pump, to protect it from damage of limescale and sediment. In another application the PTH device is installed on the pipeline leading oil from the well to the collection and storage tanks, to protect the pipeline from limescale and sediment damages.  


PTH Water improver for scale prevention in Piston pumps

Using the PTH device saves maintenance costs in the wells, reduces the use of chemicals, protects equipment over time and prolongs the period of use.

  • PTH - prolongs oil production by reducing the maintenance cycles
  • PTH - saves labor cost
  • PTH - attractive price compared with other systems.



Industrial Use


P.T.H. devices eliminate the need for chemicals and salts, thus preventing environmental and underground water pollution and financial expenditures.


The P.T.H. Water Improver prevents limescale, rust and algae in hot and cold water systems, heat exchangers, injection machines, cooling towers condensers, compressors, softeners, pressure hosing machines, pumps, vacuum pumps, electric valves, photography laboratories, fountains, cooling systems, casting ovens, solar systems, etc.


PTH water improver in industrial use will ensure:

  • No need to shut down the systems for cleaning purposes as with chemical cleaning.
  • Saving money, water, chemicals, salts, electricity, and maintenance time.
  • Reduction of system wear.


Agriculture Uses


P.T.H Water Improver in greenhouses, nurseries and open fields:

  • Prevents limescale in drippers, sprayers and sprinklers, thus enabling consistent supply of water and uniform growth.
  • Prevents limescale and algae in Cooling Pads; eliminates the need for cleaning chemicals; and allows maximum utilization.
  • Improves growth of plants.


P.T.H Water Improver in Cooling-Pads (humidity mattress)

  • Reduces the formation of limescale on the pad
  • Improves ventilation
  • Improves humidity and temperature control
  • Improves "Micro Climate" for the plants.


P.T.H Water Improver chicken coops

Prevention of limescale with PTH in water carrier sealers (cups, bells and drippers) will prevent leaks, wetness, flooding and the spread of disease.

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